Thursday, 30 October 2008

Britcore Hip Hop

I always look back to the period of 1988-1993 as that was the time where UK hip hop started to take an artform & make it it's own. The rhymes & beats sounded a lot harsher (& at times faster!) than our American counterparts.

I remember being able to go to a record shop (remember them?) & pick up at least 3-4 new independant releases every Saturday & having to miss out on loads of others. To this day I find it amazing how a large number of these acts came out & sold loads of units in the UK & mainland Europe then fell by the wayside into obscurity. Many made the jump from their Hip Hop roots to the emerging Drum & Bass scene and some even popped up a few years later when UK Garage became big.

I've uploaded a whopping 35 tracks from that period that many in UK hip hop look to as the 'glory days'.

So get your downloads on here...

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